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​We are often asked "How does the Suddenly Slender wrap work? How is it different from all the dehydration wraps out there?"

The answer is simple: Dehydration is dangerous! Suddenly Slender does NOT dehydrate; it re-hydrates the body. Dehydration is unhealthy and particularly bad for those people who are quite toxic,which is a very high percentage of people. If you doubt this, look at the high numbers of people suffering from many diseases and physical problems. The body works perfectly if it is nourished, well mineralized and kept clean. Suddenly Slender does not address the symptom, a puffy body, instead, we address the cause of that puffy body, a build up of toxins!

The skin is the body's largest organ of assimilation and elimination. Suddenly Slender solution contains safe, natural, major and trace minerals designed to assist the body in drawing out excess fluids and toxins while restoring vital minerals. These minerals work by leveraging this principle of assimilation and elimination to promote the absorption of key minerals while eliminating waste.

The compression used in our wrap, known as compaction, is the process of simply squeezing the tissues together in a more aesthetic form after the toxins and interstitial fluid have been drawn out. The now empty "pockets" between the fat cells can be compressed, leaving the skin's surface with a smoother, tighter and firmer, more youthful appearance.

This combination of assimilation, elimination, and compaction provide the dramatic visual and physiological benefits you'll experience when you receive Suddenly Slender Body Wraps.

Make it an integral part of your wellness plan! Begin today.  Visit a wrap salon, or order a home wrap kit.

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Have you wondered, "Do body wraps work"? The best way to find out is to experience Suddenly Slender's weight loss body wraps.  Suddenly Slender has been in business continuously since 1967 when President and Founder Victoria Marie Morton invented the weight loss body wrap business. Suddenly Slender products have been used by thousands of men and women who wanted body wraps to lose inches. A series of wraps can give a more sculpted look and help keep your skin lifted and tight. SUDDENLY SLENDER BODY WRAPS help cleanse and detoxify through your body's largest organ: the skin! Do a series of body wraps to look slimmer. younger, and appear more visually tightened and toned. 

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